replica Prada Black Nylon Nylon Handbag Shoulder Crossbody Bag

The most distinctive feature of this season is the long design of the classic nylon bag leather strap with rivets. Nylon impact rivets, this combination is unique, so that the original traditional messenger bag becomes very futuristic, look carefully at the metal parts of the bag, the light rivets have three different designs. In fact, one of the big differences between big-name bags and ordinary bags is the texture of metal parts. In particular, the nylon bag has a softer bag, and with the blessing of metal parts, I feel that I have a good spirit.

At first, I still think that this Replica Prada Handbags Black Nylon Nylon Handbag Shoulder Crossbody Bag will not be very good, but when I get the office, a lot of girls have a back on the back. In fact, it is very good, and there are many different ways to use it. It is especially fun! And like the Prada commercials, the rivet nylon bag with the sword collar suit and high heels, there is no sense of disobedience, not only for cool girls, but also makes Office Lady very handsome.

Replica Prada Handbags

Replica Prada Bags nylon material is very thick, not as soft and collapsible as ordinary nylon, and its surface is silky like silk, the gloss is very beautiful, especially textured. At the same time, Prada’s nylon bags retain their practical features. First of all, the nylon material is very light, and it is not so delicate to use it. It is not distressed for daily use and travel. And the functional design is very strong, there are many pockets for easy storage. In particular, there are two small pockets on both sides, and the small things like flat fashion mobile phones are the most suitable.

Inside the bag is Replica Prada Handbags classic canvas pattern, which is very thick and supports the shape of the bag, and there is no need to worry about some sharp things to scratch the inside of the bag. In this rivet nylon bag series, I love this smoky blue with black. The big power is backed by this blue “banding bag”, with a very sporty clothes, especially youth!

Replica Prada Handbags

Also, Replica Prada Bags nylon bag super fan Bella, not only often with a classic nylon pocket, but also like this rivet ribbon messenger bag, recently also back several times! In addition to the messenger bag, this season’s classic backpack also has the design of this rivet streamer. In fact, the basic nylon backpack of Prada is very classic, but everyone has one. If you want to have a personality, it is a bit special with rivets and ribbons. The design is the most suitable!

In addition to the classic nylon bags that have just been said, in the fall/winter 2017 collection, Prada also introduced a new design nylon bag, Etiquette. One of the biggest innovations of this bag is that Prada’s classic triangle is missing! Etiquette means “trademark” in French. Prada Etiquette is the trademark that is commonly used in shirts and shoes. As the main logo of the bag, the light blue label of the leather looks very artistic.

Replica Prada Handbags

The Etiquette is a flip-top bag with a zipper on both sides. The inside of the bag is also Prada’s classic blue. When you open the bag, you can see a touch of light blue, and there is a fresh feeling in a moment.

I think the medium-sized Etiquette is the best one. One is the advantage of nylon itself, which is light, waterproof and durable. Then the medium-sized Etiquette will be able to hold the 13-inch MacBook Pro! Almost every time I recommend the bag to everyone, there will be a lot of powder messages to ask if this bag can hold the computer, this is just good! And the bag itself has almost no self-weight, the zipper on both sides can be turned into a swing bag, and the capacity will be bigger, it is a perfect commuter bag!

Replica Prada Handbags

Perhaps you will think that the basic style is a bit simple. In fact, this bag has two adjustable shoulder straps, one longer and one shorter. Long one can be used as a messenger bag to slash back, short can be hand-held, handcuffed, or single shoulder, really practical. Of course, you can also bring a variety of bags to the shape by changing different short shoulders. In addition to the I recommend this flip cover, the Etiquette series also has the smallest crossbody bag and tote bag. The design of these two models is simpler and more basic.