Replica Lady Dior Small Bag Apricot Calfskin Leather (Silvery Hardware)

This replica bags tote is Christian Dior’s classic brand, and it’s really popular with baguettes. This is it! Let’s take a look at this Lady Dior in all directions today and tell you why this Lady Replica Dior Handbags is the most worthy of this year. Oh, yes, we must see at last that there is a special benefit for baguette.

To tell the truth, there are really a lot of girls with Lady Dior. What bag can stand out in Lady Dior and stand out from the crowd? That’s really limited Lady Replica DiorBags!

Replica Dior Handbags

Replica Christian Dior Handbags accurately guessed the Chinese girls’ hearts this year. Lady Dior Small Bag Apricot Calfskin Leather (Silvery Hardware) 0633 created a limited light pink Lady Dior Small handbag for the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Every detail was perfect. There are only a limited number of 200 orders for this time. If you miss the opportunity, you will not be able to buy it. The word “restricted funds” has always been the most unacceptable three words for baguettes. It is estimated that after watching this first paragraph, girls have accidentally slipped forward and forwarded to their boyfriends.

Before the girls think that the mini is too small, and the medium is a bit big. This time just choose this new trumpet, which is more suitable for Asian girls petite figure. This size is enough for everyday use, and with the evening’s lively dress, it’s hard to beat.

Replica Dior Handbags

The opening design is more practical, and some girls will feel that Lady Dior’s zipper is tight and it is not easy to get things from the bag. This time is not afraid! The special opening of the Tanabata bag is the same as the three grids. It is the simplest flip design, it is very easy to open, and it is not completely open. The practicality is much higher than the ordinary Lady Replica Dior Bags.

The wide shoulder strap design not only changes in size, but this special Tanabata also uses the most popular thick shoulder strap design, but even if the widened shoulder strap is also very elegant, retains Lady Replica Dior Handbags lady temperament , added a trendy atmosphere. Even if you don’t use a wide shoulder strap to carry your back on your shoulders, it’s good to shake the shoulder strap when you hold the bag.

Replica Dior Handbags

In fact, on the T stage of this year’s big show, Replica Dior Bags, we have seen a few colors of the small size, but the colors that make the girls’ hearts most appealing are light gold metal pieces and cherry blossom pink. They are gentle and elegant, especially suitable for Tanabata lovers. The theme of the festival is particularly sweet and full of love!

In fact, the three lucky charms on the shoulder straps can be selected by themselves and can be easily replaced. If you want to have more collocations, you can also buy separate badges. The unit price of the badges is not expensive, and all the favorite sets can also be used. .

Exquisite packaging! In order to let every couple who conveys love with a special section of Lady Dior, they will be able to reap a perfect happiness. This time Dior’s Tanabata packaging is gorgeous. In addition to the careful packaging of the Dior bag itself, each small badge will have a separate small replica bags tote.