Replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Petite Malle Bag

The autumn and winter women’s show floor, LV new replica bags tote “Petite Malle” debut, next season “It Bag” list of the first name to launch a strong impact. Natalia Vodianova and Delphine Arnault first “endorsement”, are you optimistic about its popularity?

Nicolas Ghesquiere to join Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags, will undoubtedly for this luxury brand of women’s clothing design to bring more Aspect, but the genius of course, understand that the bag is always Replica Louis Vuitton Bags biggest surprise and one of the selling points, so in 2014 autumn and winter women’s show field, the new replica bags tote “Petite Malle” appearance, toward the next season “It Bag” list of the first name to launch a strong impact.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

“Petite Malle” is a French word, translated into Chinese means “little box”, Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Damier Ebene Canvas Pochette N48259 with its shape you can intuitively feel, the bag itself is like a miniature version of the Louis Vuitton travel box, square shape of strict, regular edging, exquisite lock, exudes a strong retro feel and a tribute to the classic brand meaning. After the leather belt is removed, the bag can be used as a clutch. There are monogramm pattern on the color models, there are monochrome epi leather models, as well as put on a layer of “canvas coat” style.

This bag is launched on the red to not quickly become a new generation of it bag, know how to buy a woman is crazy, right? As long as the fashion is good, plus is big, many people do not care too much in the end it is practical and practical! The basic replica bags tote are all done by hand, before the brand in the exhibition I also saw the bag on the production process. So, the next time you can remember when shopping, as long as the shopping guide began to tell you something is handmade.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

“Petite Malle” in Chinese means “small box”, the word derived from Replica Louis Vuitton Bags hometown of France. Creative inspiration was originally derived from the early 19th century design suitcase, but it made a reduced version, you know, now, the smaller the more fashionable.

To become the It Replica Bags not only their own shape to eye-catching, but also have a star hot. Natalia Vodianova, the LVMH family, has taken the lead in the new bag, and fiancee Antoine Arnault side by side appearance Louis Vuitton 2014 autumn and winter show head row; body taste superb LVMH female successor Delfina Arnold Delphine Arnault has also become a new bag of “propagandist”. The new season’s It Bag competition has started, are you optimistic about Petite Malle?

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

I believe that many girls are big bags of the crowds, go out all the things that can be brought in the body feel good security. But this year you may be the new popular “brainwashing”, show field and street beat told us that this season only mini bag is the most popular. Mini replica bags tote comes just to provide a reason to make their own light out, big names have aimed at this trend, the introduction of different models of the Mini replica bags tote, dazzling at the same time how to match? StyleMode immediately for everyone to send the latest Mini replica bags tote Street beat, street shoot up with people always with the best inspiration and material.

Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags

2015 spring and summer fashion show appearance, including Petite Malle, Twist and Dora and other new color, these bags are design director Nicholas Ghesquiere to LV first-hand creation. Petite Malle series bag derived from the new two bags, Petite Malle Souple, soft bag; Petite Malle Foldover, folding replica handbag. Alma and Dora Souple each new new color, LV classic flower pattern, black background, red print.

For example, this season is very popular Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag Petite Malle hand bag, wild pattern is almost suitable for all the style of clothes, or Fendi’s Micro Peekaboo Messenger in the body, fashionable at the same time cute and playful, in short, as long as the bag , This season must have to have!